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Armenia is a wonderland of forests and highlands, and is the home of the second largest lake in the world. It is famous for its cafe culture, and boasts a rich and fascinating history. Armenia is a product of an ancient and significant history. With the founding of capital city Yerevan dating back to 782 BC, this is a country where every place has a story or holds meaning. Archaeologists excavating caves in the Armenian highlands have unearthed the world’s earliest known shoe, skirt, and winery. Armenia declared its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, which accounts for Russian influences and history throughout the country. The nation’s complex past includes the tragic Armenian Massacres of the early 1900s by the Ottoman Empire, one of history’s most studied cases of genocide.

Requirements for studies at university in Armenia

  1. Whether you choose to study the unique and sophisticated Armenian language, whimsical Armenian art, or any other of the many educational opportunities available throughout the country, you’re sure to gain knowledge that will quench your thirst for an international education. One of the most regarded universities in Armenia is Yerevan State University in the country’s capital, Yerevan. The largest university in the country, this prestigious institution houses over 110 different academic departments. Another popular institution is the American University of Armenia, modeled after higher education practices in Western societies. The Eurasian Regional Language Program supports undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying non-Russian language. The ERLP can help arrange language and history study at the local universities.
  2. Many study abroad programs in Armenia offer homestays, which will allow you to truly immerse yourself in the Armenian culture and language.
  3. Studying abroad in Armenia is an unforgettable experience. The people, culture, food, and land are mesmerizing, and will leave you with a sense of belonging. Armenia is a beautiful, welcoming, and spiritually rich country to visit and work on your studies.