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Thailand Internship

Gain Competitive advantage
Our internship provides tangible and valuable work experience in your field. It’s the key difference you need to outshine other college grads when competing for your first job.

Boost your Confidence
Prove your capabilities, to yourself and others, by spending time abroad and working in major city and the result? You gain confidence and learn insights about yourself that will steer your plans after graduation.

Invest in Yourself
You have INVESTED in your education. Now invest in yourself. Give yourself an opportunity to achieve your dream career. Over 70% of Dream Careers alumni received a job offer from the company they interned after their successful internship experience.

Sharing Culture is a good learning experience.

Assistance of Hotels and Resorts 

  1. Cost efficient multi-lingual staff with excellent English language skills
  2. Highly educated and motivated staff, eager to learn
  3. Multi-cultural employees to mix with domestic staffing and international goodwill
  4. Essentially entry level staffing with strong underlying understanding of all hotel services
  5. All placements undergo extensive screening and counseling prior to arrival


  1. Hotel pays a stipend
  2. Hotel provides accommodations
  3. Hotel provides 2 x meals per day
  4. Hotel provides uniforms
  5. Hotel assists with visa / work permit issues as necessary
  6. Hotel enjoys low cost qualified / motivated staff, able to interact and serve international travelers